Saturday, July 30, 2011

To improve the quality of poor quality straw

Urea treatment of Paddy straw: 
Poor quality straw have zero DCP(Digestible Crud Protein).For improving the quality of straw we practice urea treatment of straw we may follow this step:
 4 Kg of urea dissolved in 65 Litres of water mixed or spray over 100 Kg bhusha then cover with dark polythen or gunny bag, keep it for 14-21 days(2-3 weeks), after that  for feeding spread in open area for the expose of ammonia(10-12 minutes) then it is feed it to the cattle. For paddy straw this urea treatment is done, oxalate is also removed those which contain paddy straw. This treated straw increases the milk quantity.


  1. Do you thnk using Urea n odr cemical wid food items will not harmful for animal or human?

  2. Hey Avinash Nice to hear you actually urea treatment is scientific method for improving straw nutrition, actually after 2- 3 week exposed the whole treated straw in open area so poisonous chemical is evaporate in open environment...I have learn this during my animal feed management class during graduation but I think this is very rarely used by the farmers I also don't prefer to the farmer if other green fodder is already available...

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