Saturday, February 5, 2011

Current scenario of animal feed

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.The feed and fodder resources are of course shared by all livestock. Agricultural residues are currently estimated to provide 40 % of the present fodder, grazing area 31%, green fodder 26 %, and chemical concentrates(mainly for commercial poultry and high holding cows) 3 % of total consumption.
·         Over the last decade the straw grain ratio has deteriorated because of the large scale adoption of high yielding varieties which also produce poor quality straw.
·         The dairy became main occupation in rural area because of agriculture is receding
·         Since growing demand for meat and milk, the animal husbandry became profitable income source for rural poor
·         Cultivation of Dwarft crops and decrease in forest and graze lands resulted sustainable decline in fodder production
·         Green fodder not available throughout the year
·         The dairy farmers are dependent on commercial feeds
·         The commercial feeds are mixed with urea and artificial milk booster
·         They Causes effect on quality of milk produced and longevity of the animal
·         In turn leads to cancer and coronary ailments in human beings
·         Usage of commercial feed is not economical and declines income