Saturday, February 5, 2011

Current scenario of animal feed

·                                                                                                               Pic: The wonder Fern AZOLLA
.The feed and fodder resources are of course shared by all livestock. Agricultural residues are currently estimated to provide 40 % of the present fodder, grazing area 31%, green fodder 26 %, and chemical concentrates(mainly for commercial poultry and high holding cows) 3 % of total consumption.
·         Over the last decade the straw grain ratio has deteriorated because of the large scale adoption of high yielding varieties which also produce poor quality straw.
·         The dairy became main occupation in rural area because of agriculture is receding
·         Since growing demand for meat and milk, the animal husbandry became profitable income source for rural poor
·         Cultivation of Dwarft crops and decrease in forest and graze lands resulted sustainable decline in fodder production
·         Green fodder not available throughout the year
·         The dairy farmers are dependent on commercial feeds
·         The commercial feeds are mixed with urea and artificial milk booster
·         They Causes effect on quality of milk produced and longevity of the animal
·         In turn leads to cancer and coronary ailments in human beings
·         Usage of commercial feed is not economical and declines income 


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  2. Good day! I am an Industrial Engineering student from the Philippines and I am planning to have a study about the techniques and ways to cultivate azolla. Can you please share more information about it? What best method or condition does the azolla grow abundantly? Thank you! Hoping for your positive response..
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    1. Dear Ayanami,
      First of all thanx for writing me, and nice to hear your interest in azolla cultivation I am describing methods of cultivation of azolla for mass multiplication in your mention e-mail id, hope it may helpful.
      Normally Azolla is grown in Paddy field or in shallow water bodies for using it as a bio-fertilizer. In Universities and Research Institutions it is preserved in concrete tanks. Studies conducted at Vivekananda Kendra – NARDEP found both this method not suitable for its mass multiplication for biofeed purpose and hence developed Silpauline lined pit method which has become very popular and is known as NARDEP method.

      Best Regards

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